The Revolution Of Craft Beer


A craft brewery or a microbrewery is a brewery that produces small amounts or small quantities of beer, typically less than a large brewery. It is often independently owned. Such breweries are usually perceived and also marketed as having a lot of enthusiasm when it comes to new flavours and a huge variety of brewing techniques. A microbrewery movement actually began in the United States of America and the United Kingdom as well, in the 1970s. Even though traditional brewing existed in Europe, for centuries, it later spread to other countries as well. As this particular movement began to grow, a lot of breweries expanded their production and distribution as well. A brewpub is a pub that actually brews its own beer and sells it on the premises. You can find a lot of these in metropolitan cities as well.

There was actually a huge revolution. That was a revolution called the craft beer revolution. Craft brewers and all that customers have transformed the entire global beer markets over the past 20 years, which ended a century of consolidation which resulted in the domination of a couple of global multinationals and also the homogenisation of beer. They started with small and isolated quantities, here and there, but they ended up becoming a huge global industry. A craft brewery is something that is identified as a brewery that is somewhat on a small scale, when compared to large-scale industries. These are not at all mass-producing beer companies. There are a lot of diversities among the countries and also their historical traditions when it comes to brewing beer.
In a lot of countries, it is actually very easy to identify the start of the craft revolution. In countries like the United States of America, it was identified that it started in the year 1965. Some breweries started popping up after World War II as well. The first brewpub in Italy was actually established in the year 1988. I would also like to add that there is a significant difference between countries when we are talking about the emergence and growth of craft beers and microbreweries across the countries. In a lot of countries, the post-World War II brewery consolidation was very strong, and craft breweries emerged earlier. Today, the action number of breweries per capita is so different when compared to the 1980s. In the year 2015, the number of breweries per capita in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands was actually higher than Belgium or Germany. This has been a complete reversal of the situation compared to 1980s and 1990s.

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I would like to conclude by saying that craft brews of beer or definitely creative and sometimes, the taste is extraordinary.

The Revolution Of Craft Beer

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