The Many Different Kinds Of Craft Beer That You Should Try

Craft Beer

I have actually found so many kinds of craft beer that even the average beer drinker has no idea about a lot of these. In this guide, I am going to be talking about craft beer and all of its kind. Craft beer has actually boomed over the last three decades, and it does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Breweries from all across the world, have been crafting so many different kinds of beer. There has already been an extraordinary amount of craft beer in every single state in the United States of America. If you consider yourself as a serious beer drinker, you should definitely know the varieties and kinds of beer that you can get.

Craft Beer

I am sure you are asking yourself how you can choose a craft beer. For starters, beers are categorised into three types of yeast. The two most common yeast are ale yeast which are a top-fermenting yeast that works best at warm temperatures, the lager yeast which ferments at the bottom at lower temperatures and the third would be a spontaneous yeast in the environment to make wild and sour beers. This is some of the most basic information that you must know, if you are a beer drinker. What exactly does this mean for you? Well, the yeast affects the overall flavour of the beer. Lagers like Mexican beers, American pale beers, Pilsner, and German bocks are very easy to drink because of its crisp and light flavours. Ales or actually dense and they lean towards a higher alcohol content. These will get you sloppy drunk very soon. And you can even talk about stouts, because they are very flavourful and tasty.

Here are some kinds of craft beer.

Craft Breweries

  1. The very first one that you like to talk about would be the American lager beer. These beers have a decent presence of malts, and it makes them light, crisp and very clean. They are always golden coloured, and they contain lesser than 5% of alcohol. It is not a heavy beer.
  2. German Pilsner is the next one on this list. It has a very notable sweetness which is used during the brewing process. They can contain a light bitterness as well. This one also has less than 5% alcohol content.
  3. Cream Ale is also known as hybrid beer. They are usually brewed with ale yeast, and they are finished with lager yeast. This actually ends up giving them a creamy texture which is why they are named so.
  4. Blonde ale has a very pale, golden and blonde colour. They are wall, so one of the easiest to drink, because they have a very smooth flavour. They range from 4 to 5% alcohol content.
The Many Different Kinds Of Craft Beer That You Should Try

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