Countries Where You Get The Best Breweries And The Best Beer

Best Beer

There is a saying amongst the travellers of the world that says that if you want to get to know the locals, you should know their beer choices first. Beer is one of the most popular beverages in the world, and it is beaten by water and tea. That would make beer the third most popular beverage in the entire world. Keeping this in mind, a great idea when you are travelling abroad is to actually work your way around some of the best cities where you can get the finest brews. In this guide, I am going to be talking about some incredibly famous breweries that you should visit, when you are travelling abroad. If you are a beer enthusiast and if you have some time to kill, you should definitely go to these countries.

  1. The very first one on this list would be Germany. The best place to start is a country that is famous for its beer. It is here that you will find some of the most amazing breweries which are many in number. You will find 1300 in operation, which is also the highest number in any country. Sure, the best one was established in 725, and it is also said to be the oldest brewery in the entire world. Go there; you will have a fantastic time.
  2. The Netherlands is the next country on this list. This country is also known for its notorious love for beer. Heineken has continued to dominate the scene through the entire place and in Amsterdam as well. You will have a great Heineken experience. There is a historic brewery in this place, and it is open all year. This one opened its doors in 1867 and has remained open since then. It has undergone a lot of renovations as well.
  3. I would like to suggest you go to Scotland. As you know, Scotland is known for its whiskey, but you get some amazing brews that as well. The local brew is so unique and notorious, especially around Loch Ness. They have some amazing brewing facilities. The unique brews are very good, and you will want to try all of them.
  4. I had to mention the United States now, didn’t I? Let’s face it; we can’t compile a list of the best beer in the world and not include the United States of America. It is home to a lot of breweries and some amazing ones as well. It is home to the famous Budweiser brand, and you know how popular Budweiser is.
  5. Next, you should go to Ireland. A lot of beer lovers around the world would definitely agree that I had to save the best for the last.
Countries Where You Get The Best Breweries And The Best Beer

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